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Poids du tabac (g):12.5
Portions / Boite:20
Net weight (g):12.5
Poids de livraison (g):31
Description de la saveur:raspberry
Nicotine (mg/portion):6
Flavor Group:Fruity

LOOP Salty Ludicris

LOOP Salty Ludicris All White, tobacco free nicotine pouches that offers something new and delicious. It delivers medium strong nicotine kicks (6.25 mg/portion) together with a tasty flavor that combined salty licorice with a fruity touch of raspberries. Its all-white and slim pouches won’t stain and they drip minimally.

1 Boîte

8,06 CHF

10 Boîtes

8,06 CHF

40 Boîtes

6,92 CHF

120 Boîtes

5,69 CHF