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Poids du tabac (g):16
Portions / Boite:20
Net weight (g):16
Poids de livraison (g):31
Description de la saveur:Tabac
Nicotine (mg/portion):12
Nicotine (mg/g):15
Flavor Group:Classic

Artisan Signature Blend White

Artisan Signature Blend White – A premium quality snus manufactured by The Snus Factory in collaboration with Chad “Snubie” Jones, that has a high nicotine content and a robust tobacco character and flavor. These white snus portions deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (12 mg/portion) together with a pure, rustic and earthy tobacco flavor. The tobacco blend used consists of carefully selected tobaccos from Guatemala, India and the USA, which gives this snus a rich and full-bodied profile.

The portions’ white character and somewhat dry surfaces make them designed to provide a long-lasting and smooth release of both flavor and nicotine.

Artisan Signature Blend White – A snus by snus users, for snus users! You can now buy your can or roll online right here at, free shipping to Switzerland!

1 Boîte

6,83 CHF

10 Boîtes

6,83 CHF

40 Boîtes

5,79 CHF

120 Boîtes

5,19 CHF