Granit Strong White Portion Snus View larger...
Tobacco weight (g):17.6
Portions / Can:22
Shipping Weight (g):37
Flavor Descr:Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Nicotine (mg/g):12.0
Flavor Group:Classic
Packs CH:1,10,40,120

Granit Strong Large White

Granit is a famous and popular snus by Fiedler & Lundgren that brings you a pure tobacco taste - unchanged and undiluted by this Strong White version. Granit Strong Large White is a strong snus with a higher nicotine content to be prepared for a kick! Fresh, low drip portions are poised for fast flavor release and long lasting enjoyment.

1 Can

6,99 CHF

10 Cans

5,79 CHF

40 Cans

4,99 CHF

120 Cans

4,49 CHF