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Tobacco weight (g):13
Portions / Can:20
Net weight (g):13
Shipping Weight (g):28
Flavor Descr:Tobacco, Mint/Menthol
Nicotine (mg/portion):18
Nicotine (mg/g):28
Flavor Group:Fresh
Packs CH:1,10,40,120

Vika Black Slim White Dry

Vika Black, a slim and white portion snus that provides a stimulatingly intense experience in a discreet way. It has a well-rounded tobacco blend with tones of bergamot that is topped with ice-cold menthol. This refreshing burst of flavor is enhanced by an extremely strong nicotine kick (18 mg/portion).

The dry character of its discreet portions reduces their drip significantly, something that in turn ensures that their release of flavor and nicotine last for a satisfyingly long time.

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1 Can

7,89 CHF

10 + 2 Cans

6,59 CHF

40 + 8 Cans

5,39 CHF

120 + 24 Cans

4,29 CHF