BuySnus turns 15 years!

BuySnus turns 15 years and it's time to celebrate!

As you may have noticed, it’s our 15th year anniversary this week! That’s something we want to celebrate in a big way. So how does one go about doing that? By having great deals on snus and nicotine pouches of course! This week we’ll have discount levels, which in practice means that you’ll save more money depending on how much snus you order.

If you order snus for:

100 CHF you’ll pay 90 CHF and you’ll save 10 CHF

200 CHF you’ll pay 180 CHF and you’ll save 20 CHF

300 CHF you’ll pay 270 CHF and you’ll save 30 CHF

400 CHF you’ll pay 360 CHF and you’ll save 40 CHF

500 CHF you’ll pay 450 CHF and you’ll save 50 CHF

So why not join our birthday party and get some great deals on your favorite snus and nicotine pouches! And as always, free shipping to Switzerland when you order online from our shop right here at

15th year anniversary


We show you at a glance how many cans of a product you (still) can add to your shopping cart until the Swiss import limit (2400g tobacco) is reached.

The quantity and the respective price are automatically adjusted as soon as you add products to your shopping cart.

So we do the math and you get the lowest unit price by using the import limit optimally.