G.3 gets two new and improved additions!

G.3 - now with less drip!

If you’re a fan of the discreet and powerful snus experiences provided by Swedish Match’s G.3-series then you will love these two brand new additions. G.3 Blue Mint Slim White Dry Extra Strong and G.3 Slim White Dry Strong are G.3’s first white dry portion snus variants. This means that these white portions have dry surfaces, which reduces the drip signficantly. This low amount of drip ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a wonderfully long time.

G.3 Blue Mint Slim White Dry Extra Strong:

This is a mint flavored snus that delivers truly pwerful nicotine kicks (18 mg/portion). Combine this with its fresh flavor combination of peppermint together with hints of cacao and cedar, and you’ll get a snus that stimulates on more levels than one.

G.3 Slim White Dry Strong:

This is a traditional flavored snus with a satisfyingly high nicotine content (14 mg/portion). It has a dark and spicy tobacco character, which is enhanced by a fresh dash of bergamot and tasty hints of tea, leather and smoke.

These two white dry portion snus will replace G.3 Mint Extra Strong Slim White and G.3 Strong SLim White. They’re just as energetic and tasty but now they drip even less. You can now order G.3 Blue Mint Slim White Dry Extra Strong and G.3 Slim White Dry Strong online at BuySnus.ch. They’re always fresh in stock and comes with free shipping to Switzerland.

G.3 Slim White Dry

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