A new snus packed with power and classic flavors

U Sample No.5 - balances strenght and flavor

U Sample No.5 Original Slim White Portion is a new addition from the manufacturer AG Snus with traditional flavor and a modern expression. This extra strong snus (12 mg nicotine/portion) uses a high quality tobacco blend and has a well-rounded character. It deliver a tasty and classic tobacco flavor complemented with fresh hints of citrus and bergamot.

It comes in slim white portions expertly designed to provide a discreet experience without compromising quality nor the delivery of flavor. These portions white character and somewhat dry surfaces helps to reduce the drip which in turn lenghtens the release of both flavor and nicotine. The slim size of the portions makes them optimized for a comfortable and discreet fit.

You can now order your can or roll of U Sample No.5 Original Slim White Portion online right here at BuySnus.ch. We always have fresh snus and nicotine pouches in stock and free shipping to Switzerland!

U Sample No.5 Original Slim White Portion

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