Two new tobacco free and flavorsome additions from LYFT

Tropical Breeze & Berry Frost - Two tasty newcomers

Let us introduce you to two new tasty flavors from LYFT, LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim All White and LYFT Mellow Berry Frost Slim All White. Tropic Breeze deliver a fruity flavor of passion fruit, mandarin and mango. A delicious combo that captures the sensation of a sunny summer day at the beach. Berry Frost on the other hand takes you on a chilly winter morning stroll with its flavor of sweet berries and fresh hints of mint. It’s not only the flavors that provides two different experiences. Tropic Breeze has medium high nicotine content (5.5 mg/portion) and deliver satisfyingly energetic kicks. Berry Frost got a more modest level of nicotine (4 mg/portion) and is the first variant in LYFT’s new category “mellow”. This makes it a perfect choice for you who want something where the flavor really stands out and shines.

Their tobacco free nicotine pouches all use a high-quality mix of natural plant fibers as filling. This innovative choice of filling comes with some neat benefits. There’s no risk of them leaving brown stains on your teeth since they always stay completely white. This all white character is a big contributor to their low level of drip, which in turn lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

Berry Frost and Tropical Breeze will in time replace LYFT Blueberry and LYFT Melon. If you’re a fan of those flavors, then these two new ones should be right up your alley. They turn the tasty fruitiness up a notch by offering some new exciting and nuanced flavor experiences. You can now order them online in our shop right here at Our snus and nicotine pouches are always fresh in stock and comes with free shipping to Switzerland!


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