Skruf Nyans – Snus that deliver a nuanced flavor experience

Three different flavors, three different sensations

Feel the breeze of the ocean, soak in the sun of take a stroll through the wood with Skruf Nyans. This new series of snus by Skruf is an homage to the Swedish nature and its beauty. These three premium white portion and medium strong snus all have a mild tobacco character. This well-rounded tobacco blend is then enhanced by subtle yet tasty touch of flavor. These fine elements works in harmony with each other in order to deliver to nuanced and well rounded snus experience.

These three snus all take inspiration from the the Swedish landscape in their own unique way. Skruf Nyans Solglimt with its fresh dash of citrus is a summery snus that can brighten up a cloudy daySkruf Nyans Havsbris incorporate hints of fresh herbs, which provides you with a sensation reminiscent of a brisk yet nice breeze from the ocean. Skruf Nyans Jordskott is a snus that brings you closer to the nature with its fruity tones of berries.

The tobacco used for Skruf Nyans is organic, their white portion are design to reduce the drip and they fit nicely under your lip. All of these great qualites makes Skruf Nyans deliver an all around wholesome snus experience with nuanced flavors and pleasant nicotine kicks.

You can now order Skruf Nyans online right here at Our snus is always fresh in stock and comes with free shipping to Switzerland!

Skruf Nyans

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