Rallarsnus – It’s dark, it’s smoky and it’s finally back!


Let’s go back to 1976. The human population had just reached 4 billions, an ambitious director began shooting the first Star Wars-movie and the radio played hits from ABBA on repeat. This was also the year when a new snus was introduced and became a part of the snus-renaissance.

Rallarsnus is the second snus from Swedish Match’s limited edition ”Gästspel från förr”-series (Guest appearences from before). When it was released 43 years ago it stood out from the crowd with its dark and smoky character. Its robust and full-bodied tobacco blend with tasty hints of tar, herbs, dried fruits and licorice made it a firm favorite amongst Swedish users. It was the go to snus for many loose snus-fans until it was shelved around 10 years ago, but now it’s finally back! This iconic snus is easy to bake into portions after your own liking while it deliver a quick and intense release of both flavor and nicotine (7.5 mg/g). Rallarsnus comes in a jeans-inspired can that reflects the spirit of the snus perfectly. When it was released it was a response to a stagnated market. It set out and suceeded to both break norms and start new trends.

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