LYFT - The new and improved EPOK

LYFT - The new and improved EPOK

EPOK changes name to LYFT. LYFT and its slim and tobacco free nicotine pouches got you covered on all fronts. It’s extremely refreshing, it’s packed with fresh flavors and it’s whiter than ever before!

The manufacturer Fiedler & Lundgren innovates further upon the All White and excellent EPOK formula with LYFT. This time around the tiny amount of tobacco found in EPOK has completely been replaced by a mix of natural fibers from pine and eucalyptus. This blend provides the same rich and full feel as before but now it’s truly All white. The pouches stays white all the way from start to fininsh. This means no more potential brown stains on your teeth and no more need to store the pouches refrigerated in order for them to stay fresh and ready to be enjoyed!

Just as before the pouches provides a discreet and low-driping experience. This minimal drip prolongs both the fresh flavor and the stimulating nicotine release. All your favorite flavors and variants is still here like the strong and popular Ice Cool Mint. Nothing has been lost except the tiny amount of tobacco, only gained!


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