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Lyft Strong Urban Vibe Slim & Lyft Mellow Easy Mint Slim

These two newcomers from Lyft got a little something for every taste and preference! Urban Vibe delivers powerful kicks together with a refreshing energy drink-flavor while Easy Mint treats you to a mild kick and a smooth burst of menthol.

Click here for ---> LYFT Urban Vibe & Easy Mint

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Svenskt Exportsnus - The return of an icon

Svenskt Exportsnus is a classic Swedish loose snus that’s now back again for a limited time. It delivers medium strong nicotine kicks together with a mild tobacco flavor topped with hints of rum raisin, jasmine and smoke.

Click here for ---> Svenskt Exportsnus

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Smoky news from Swedish Match - General Onyx Gold Portion

If you’re a fan of snus with dark characters and smoky flavors then this new snus from Swedish Match got exactly what you need. The medium strong (10 mg/portion) General Onyx Gold Portion deliver a robust tobacco flavor with hints of tar, dried fruits and licorice.

Click here for ---> General Onyx Gold Portion

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BuySnus turns 15 years!

It’s our 15th birthday and we’re ready to party! To celebrate this special occasion, we got some great deals in store for you. This week we got discount levels, the more snus you buy, the bigger discount you’ll get.

Click here to learn more about this week's snus deals!

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LD White Strong Portion – A new and powerful snus by LD

Experience the strongest LD white portion snus to date with LD White Strong Portion. These discreet portions deliver stimulatingly strong nicotine kicks (11 mg/portion) together with a traditional flavor of tobacco topped with tones of bergamot.

Click here for ---> LD White Strong Portion

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A raspberry and licorice flavored newcomer from Swedish Match

Flavor is the name of the game with Swedish Match’s latest XRANGE snus. XRANGE Catch Slim White Raspberry Licorice delivers medium strong nicotine kicks (7 mg/portion) together with a delicious flavor combination of raspberries and licorice.

Click here for ---> XRANGE Catch Slim White Raspberry Licorice

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Wisby – A new brand by Gotlandssnus

Let us introduce you to the latest news from the popular manufacturer Gotlandssnus; Wisby Söderport White Portion and Wisby Norderport White Portion. Two new snus from their new brand Wisby, a brand that deliver strong snus with nuanced flavors.

Click here for ---> Wisby Snus

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The latest from Skruf’s tobacco free Super White-series

The fruity Skruf Super White Slim Bjørnebær No.2 (Original) and the tasty Skruf Super White Slim Polar No.3 (Strong) are two new additions to Skruf’s big selection of tobacco free nicotine pouches. They’re all white, flavorsome and delightfully discreet.

Click here for ---> Skruf Super White

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Shiro – Minty fresh flavors and stimulating kicks!

What does one get if you combine quality, design and flavor? You’ll get Shiro Sweet Mint and Shiro Cool Mint. These tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches deliver minty fresh flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks.

Click here for ---> Shiro

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G.3 gets two new and improved additions!

Try the latest Swedish Match’s G.3-series has to offer with G.3 Slim White Dry Strong and G.3 Blue Mint SLim White Dry Extra Strong. They’re both packed with flavor and nicotine while they provides a discreet experience thanks to their low drip white dry portions.

Click here for ---> G.3

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A new snus packed with power and classic flavors

Got a soft spot for traditional flavors and white portion snus? If that’s the case then we got some great news! U Sample No.5 and its slim white portions deliver a well-rounded tobacco flavor topped with hints of citrus.

Click here for ---> U Sample No.5 Original Slim White Portion

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G.4 Fizzy - A champagne flavored addition to our all white selection

Experience the latest Swedish Match has to offer with G.4 Fizzy Slim All White. This modern and innovative portion snus deliver satisfyingly strong nicotine kicks and a tasty champagne flavor.

Click here for ---> G.4 Fizzy Slim All White

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Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jordgubb – a fruity summer edition snus

The popular fan favorite Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jorgubb is finally back again! This summery original portion snus deliver medium strong nicotine kicks (10 mg/portion) together with a fruity raspberry and strawberry flavor.

Click here for ---> Jakobsson's Hallon & Jordgubb

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Two new tobacco free and flavorsome additions from LYFT

Experience the taste of winter and summer with LYFT Mellow Berry Frost Slim All White and LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim All White. Berry Frost deliver a flavor of berries & mint while Tropic Breeze offer a fruity mix of passion fruit, mango and mandarin!

Click here for ---> LYFT

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Experience Knox in a new way with Knox Dark

Here we have two fantastic news for you who got a thing for snus with dark and full-bodied flavors. Knox Dark Portion and Knox Dark Loose both deliver a slightly smoky tobacco flavor together with hints of geranium and wood.

Click here for ---> Knox Dark

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The latest and strongest from Skruf’s Super White-series!

Skruf Super White Slim Fresh No.4 (Extra Strong) is the latest and strongest addition to Skruf’s selection of tobacco free nicotine pouches. It deliver a long lasting burst of both mint and energy!

Click here for ---> Skruf Super White Slim Fresh No.4

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Latest from Lundgrens – A snus with flavors from the Swedish west coast!

Lundgrens Västkusten takes influences from the west coast of Sweden. This premium snus deliver a lovely flavor of mild tobacco topped with tasty hints of rose hip and heather.

Click here for ---> Lundgrens Västkusten

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Skruf Nyans – Snus that deliver a nuanced flavor experience

Skruf Nyans is a new snus-series that takes inspiration from the Swedish nature. These three premium snus deliver an organic tobacco blend topped with a dash of natural aromas, which gives them a nuanced and well-rounded flavor.

Click here for ---> Skruf Nyans

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Rallarsnus – It’s dark, it’s smoky and it’s finally back!

The second snus from Swedish Match’s ”Gästspel från förr”-series (Guest appearences from before) is finally here! Rallarsnus is an easy to bake loose snus with a smoky and dark character.

Click here for ---> Rallarsnus

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Experience the strongest LYFT has to offer with these two new flavors.

Two new extra strong variants from LYFT; Freeze and Winter Chill. These tobacco free nicotine pouches packs a hefty punch (11 mg nicotine/portion) and deliver either a biting rush of peppermint or a crisp burst of wintergreen.

Click here for ---> LYFT

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Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Göteborgs Rapé with XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Sparkling

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Göteborgs Rapé. To celebrate it in a fitting way Swedish Match has released the champagne flavored XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Sparkling, a snus that combines tradtion and innovation in a beautiful way.

Click here for ---> XRANGE Göteborgs Rapé Sparkling

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Nordic Spirit When innovation meets tradition

Experience strong nicotine kicks and refreshing flavors with the tobacco free Nordic Spirit. These all white nicotine pouches provides the same satisfying sensation as a high quality snus, but in a fresher and more discreet way.

Click here for ---> Nordic Spirit

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Jakobsson’s Special Vinbär – The latest from Gotlandssnus

Jakobsson’s Special Vinbär is a new addition to the Jakobsson’s Special-series. This premium snus deliver a wonderful black currant flavor together with strong nicotine kicks. A real beauty of a snus packed with flavor and energy!

Click here for---> Jakobsson's Special Vinbär

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White Fox – A refreshing newcomer from GN Tobacco

GN Tobacco, the expert on refreshing flavors and energetic nicotine kicks is back! This time with the mint flavored and tobacco free White Fox. These extra strong nicotine pouches (12 mg/portion) provides a discreet and adrenaline fueled experience.

Click here for---> White Fox

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ZYN – Free from tobacco, loaded with flavor and nicotine

Get ready for a refreshing experience. ZYN by Swedish Match and its tobacco free nicotine pouches are bursting with fresh flavors and powerful nicotine kicks. A perfect choice when you want something discreet, flavorsome and energy packed!

Click here for---> ZYN

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Latest from G.4

G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion is the latest addition to our big selection of All White snus. The manufacturer Swedish Match has expertly crafted a snus that delivers a strong nicotine kick together with a long lasting flavor of fruity blood orange and spicy ginger!

Click here for---> G.4 Blush

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LYFT - The new and improved EPOK

EPOK becomes LYFT! Same energetic nicotine-kicks and same refreshing flavors but this time around it’s completely tobacco free. A whiter and fresher way to enjoy the exhilarating and flavorsome experience!

Click here for---> LYFT

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The comeback of a real classic!

Look who’s back after a 20 year break, Mörkbrunt Snus Loose!

This Swedish classic was first released in 1916 and delivers a dark, smoky and tobacco flavored loose snus complemented with hints of dried fruits and leather.

Mörkbrunt is a part of Swedish Matchs new line of snus (Gästspel från förr) that gives classical swedish snus an opportunity to make a guest apperence. Sold for a limited time so don’t hesitate to try it today!

Try a real classic - buy Mörkbrunt Loose here...

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STRONGER THAN EVER! Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong

Latest from Skruf: A limited edition snus that combines spicy tobacco with licorice, an absolutely great combination!

Skruf Slim Nordic White Extra Strong Portion delivers an energetic nicotine-kick and comes in white and slim portions for a discreet and comfortable fit.

Sold in selected stores only.

Buy delicious Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong here...

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It's that time of year...

Whenever Christmas is around the corner you can trust that Jakobsson’s has something special up its sleeve.

Jakobsson’s Glögg & Kanel is a normal strenght portion snus that delivers a fruity and sweet flavor of mulled wine combined with spicy hints of cinnamon. A combination that captures the cozy and merry feeling of christmas.

Get in the right mood with Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel...

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NEW! Epok X-Strong Freeze

Great news everyone! EPOK has released a new and extra strong snus, Epok X-strong Freeze Slim. A perfect alternative for those who likes Epok Ice Cool Mint Slim but wants a snus with a stronger nicotine kick.

Same minty and fresh flavor, same innovative all white and slim portions but this time it’s packing even more strenght!

Get Epok X-Strong Freeze here...

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NEW! Jakobsson's Special Blåbär & Vanilj

Jakobsson's newest addition to the special series is here, now with a sweet flavor of Blueberry and Vanilla.

The new Jakobsson's is something you really have to try, a flavorfull taste and a strong nicotine strength!

Click here for Jakobsson's Special Blåbär & Vanilj

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NEW! XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong Portion

Get the best of both worlds with XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong!

XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong is here to replace Göteborgs Rapé Strong White, but don't worry its the same snus but even better! White slim portions that makes the flavor last for longer periods of time and the same flavor you know and love.

Click here for XR GR´Slim Strong...

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NEW! Offroad Mini Melon White Portion

Big news in a small size.

Offroad Mini Melon is a small snus that fits perfectly in your pocket and even better under your lip! Small white portions with a tasty melon flavor.

Buy Offroad Mini Melon today!

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NEW! Skruf Super White Slim Cassice #2

A new all white snus from Skruf!

100% tobacco free and with a sweet flavor of black currant. This snus has slim portions for a comfortable fit under your lip.

Buy Skruf Super White Slim Cassice #2 today!

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Thunder Gingerbread Portion

Check out this amazing Thunder Christmas snus from V2 tobacco. Original portions of extra strong snus with the taste of gingerbread to bring extra festive cheer.

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General G.3 WIRE Super strong!

This snus could be compared to an energy drink with its amazing flavor that blends tropical bliss and red berries. But the fruity flavor doesn’t mean that this snus is lacking in strength.

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Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak Portion

This snus is limited edition so grab it while you can. Henrik Jakobsson's Special Salmiak – also known as salty licorice flavor – offers a superb enhancement on top of the original tobacco taste.