Siberia -80°C Black Portion View larger...
Tobacco weight (g):20
Portions / Can:20
Net weight (g):20
Shipping Weight (g):36
Flavor Descr:Tobacco
Nicotine (mg/g):43.0
Flavor Group:Classic
Packs CH:1,10,40,120

Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion

Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion by GN Tobacco is a snus that has something special in store for you who loves traditional snus flavors and breathtakingly strong kicks! It packs an extremely high nicotine content (43 mg/g) and it delivers a robust and well-rounded tobacco flavor. Its humidified original portions are designed to provide an instant release of both its classic flavor and stimulating nicotine.

You can now order your can or roll of the insanely strong Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion online right here at It’s always fresh in stock and it comes with free shipping to Switzerland.

1 Can

5,60 CHF

10 Cans

5,60 CHF

40 Cans

4,90 CHF

120 Cans

4,50 CHF