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By visiting and placing an order on our website you accept our General Terms and Conditions (GTC). By placing an order on BuySnus.ch you are aware that you are concluding a purchase contract. You also confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase.

We reserve the right to change the GTC at any time and without giving reasons. The changes will take effect after their publication on our website. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before placing an order. These GTC shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. Place of jurisdiction is Lidköping.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy tobacco products from us. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you have reached the legal minimum age for the purchase of tobacco products. Please note that inaccurate information is punishable and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For payments made with Byjuno invoice, the terms and conditions of Byjuno AG apply. They can be found at the end of this text.


Your orders will be shipped as soon as possible. The average delivery time is 2 to 3 working days. Please note that orders will not be shipped until all ordered items are available. We do not send partial deliveries.

When tobacco products are imported into Switzerland, customs duties, surcharges and import taxes are incurred. All these costs are already included in the product prices on our website. There are no additional costs for you as the buyer that exceed the purchase price of the products.

As a natural person, you can import up to 1.2 kg of snus into Switzerland every two months for your own use. Therefore, you can only order snus up to this import limit. For each product you will see the quantity you can still order.

Please note that when you place an order on the BuySnus website, you import snus directly from Sweden to Switzerland. BuySnus.ch only delivers to addresses in Switzerland via the BuySnus.ch website.

Do you have any questions regarding customs duties, surcharges and import taxes when importing tobacco products? Our customer service will be happy to help you.

BuySnus is not responsible for the receipt, whereabouts, refund or replacement of delayed shipments. It is also not responsible for delays that the parcel suffers due to a violation of import laws and confiscation by the customs authorities.

If your order has been processed by our distribution center, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to customs requirements or other circumstances beyond our control. BuySnus accepts no liability whatsoever.

We do not accept returns due to the perishable nature of tobacco products. This also applies if you change your mind about the order or if you ordered the wrong product. An order can no longer be cancelled once the items entered the shipping process.

Your order can be cancelled if it has not yet been packaged and shipped. However, once the order has been packed and shipped, your order cannot be cancelled.

You can send cancellation requests via the contact form. Our FAQ page, which is part of these terms and conditions, can be accessed via the start menu. Make sure you read them before placing and confirming an order.

General terms and conditions for "Byjuno invoice with partial payment option" of Byjuno AG ("Terms and conditions") at the Merchant ("Merchant") – valid from 01 March 2018

These terms and conditions are the terms and conditions of Byjuno AG ("Byjuno") for the "Byjuno invoice with partial payment option". With the choice and use of the "Byjuno invoice with partial payment option" with the Merchant, you confirm that you agree to the validity of these terms and conditions. The current version of these terms and conditions applies when you make a purchase.

  1. What is the Byjuno invoice with partial payment option?

1.1 In collaboration with the Merchant, Byjuno enables the payment mode of Byjuno invoice with partial payment option and provides this option to consumers or end customers of the Dealer, who are aged 18 and over and reside in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and to companies based in one of the countries.

1.2 If you select the Byjuno invoice with partial payment option, you pay the relevant goods/services from the Retailer directly and exclusively to Byjuno in a maximum of three instalments within three months after the order according to number 3.2 below. The terms and conditions of the Merchant, from whom you purchased the goods and services, apply to the purchase.

  1. Credit standing check & assignment of the purchase price claim

2.1 Intrum AG checks your credit standing before and/or during the conclusion of the purchase from the Merchant.

2.2 If you select the Byjuno invoice with partial payment option, the Merchant shall assign the purchase price claim to Byjuno.

2.3 In this case, Byjuno takes possession of the purchase price claim ("Claim") and handles payment processing. You enter into a direct contractual relationship with Byjuno regarding the Claim and must pay the Claim directly to Byjuno.

2.4 As long as Byjuno has an outstanding claim against you, address changes are to be communicated to Byjuno without undue delay.

  1. Payment terms and minimum amounts for partial payment

3.1 The payment deadline for the full payment of the Claim or the 1st instalment is 20 (twenty) days from invoice date. The partial paymentoption is not available for companies.

3.2 You are entitled to repay the outstanding amount of the Claim wholly or in part at any time in advance. However, the following minimum amounts of the total outstanding amount of the Claim must be received by Byjuno within the following deadlines:

Instalment no:

Minimum amounts of the
total outstanding Claim

Terms of payment from
the invoice date



20 days



59 days



90 days

The instalment option is only enabled or takes effect with the payment of a corresponding partial amount, i.e., the corresponding minimum amount according to the table above must be paid in each case for each instalment (instalment 1 to instalment 3). After expiration of the aforementioned payment deadline(s) without receipt of payment, the complete Claim invoiced and/or any individual instalment is due and the customer is automatically in default of payment for the entire outstanding Claim without a reminder. For legal reasons, Byjuno does not grant anyextensions of payment deadlines.

3.3 If you are in default of payment, Byjuno can hire a debt collection company in Switzerland or abroad or assign the claim.

  1. Interest and fees

4.1 Interest of 14.9% per year (360 days) is charged for each respectivelyoutstanding amount of the Claim from 20 (twenty) days since the date of the invoice.

4.2 In addition to the price of the goods, we charge an administration fee of CHF 2.50 per invoice/instalment. The Merchant pays the administration fee for the first invoice/instalment.

4.3 A fee of CHF 3.50 is charged per postal sending in paper form.

4.4 If there are arrears in payment arrears, we first send a reminder by email and later by regular postal mail (no email reminder if postal mail sending is activated). We levy dunning charges of CHF 10.00 per email reminder and CHF 20.00 per reminder by regular postal mail.

4.5 If you do not immediately inform us of an address change, we will charge you CHF 30.00 for address enquiries.

4.6 If the email address is invalid, Byjuno can send the invoice/reminder via regular postal mail and charge an additional fee of CHF 10.00.

4.7 A refund, which is not related to a product defect or a product recall, will incur a processing fee of CHF 25.00.

  1. Default interest, collection fee

Default interest of 14.9% p.a. (360 days) applies to the balance of thereceivables.

Costs if transferred to a collection agency: Collection fee in CHF, based on the amount of the receivables: 37 (up to 19); 58 (up to 59); 145 (up to 399); 225 (up to 999); 285 (up to 1,999); 385 (up to 2,999); 575 (up to 4,999); 685 (up to 6,999); 825 (up to 9,999); 1,375 (up to 19,999); 2,600 (up to 49,999); 6% of the receivables (from 50,000).

Byjuno is entitled to transfer the outstanding invoice amount(s) or the right to receive payments pursuant to these provisions to third parties. The collection agency is authorized to handle the claim without restrictions.

  1. No right to a "Byjuno monthly invoice"

The terms and conditions of the Byjuno monthly invoice (www.byjuno.ch/byjunomonthlyinvoice/tc) are valid for the Byjuno monthly invoice. There is no right to transfer or change a Byjuno invoice to the Byjuno monthly invoice. The decision to do this is only that of Byjuno and need not be justified.

  1. Customer enquiries

The Merchant remains solely responsible (in particular for questions about shipping and delivery, returns, warranties, defects, complaints and cancellations) for customer concerns regarding the purchased goods/services. Byjuno is only responsible for enquiries in connection with payment processing or the Byjuno invoice.

  1. Use of your data/involvement of third parties

You authorize Byjuno and its affiliates in Switzerland and abroad as well as third parties contracted by Byjuno to store, process and use your personal information, specifically for marketing purposes and market research.

  1. Exclusion of offsetting

Any set-off defence against the Merchant, to which you might have a right, cannot be held against Byjuno.

  1. Disclaimer / Applicable law

Any liability on the part of Byjuno is excluded. Swiss law is applicable to the present Byjuno terms and conditions. The legal venue is Zug, Switzerland.


We show you at a glance how many cans of a product you (still) can add to your shopping cart until the Swiss import limit (2400g tobacco) is reached.

The quantity and the respective price are automatically adjusted as soon as you add products to your shopping cart.

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