Expiration Dates

How expiration dates work

Expiration dates on snus cans vary in format. The majority of cans show the expiration date in European format, which is either dd mm yyyy

An alternative (the common Swedish format) is yyyy mm dd

Exceptions to the rule about European date format are:

- General Wintergreen
- General Mint
- General DryMint
- General Classic Blend
- General Nordic Mint

A general guide to date formats:

19 03 2014              means March 19th, 2014
20140406                means April 6th, 2014
040714                     means July 4th, 2014
070114                     means January 7th, 2014


Different manufacturers use different specifications. Here are some examples:

Swedish Match

A number preceded by ("TILLV.") gives the production date. A best-before date in dd-mm-yyyy format comes after, with the label ("BÄST FÖRE"). The exceptions for the General Snus range as mentioned above only provide the best before date in American format: mm-dd-yyyy.


A number indicating the best before date comes first and is labeled with ("Bäst före"). The production date, labeled with ("Tillv.dag") comes after and is in dd-mm-yyyy format.


Production date is indicated with ("TV") and comes first. The best before, indicated by ("BF") follows, in dd-mm-yyyy format.

V2 Tobacco

A label ("Tillverkning") indicates the production date. The best before date comes after, labeled with ("Bäst före") and in dd-mm-yyyy format.