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About Swedish snus – what is it?

Snus is sometimes also called snuff, and is a tobacco product that is consumed without smoking. The origins of snus go back centuries - to the 1900s . Most snuses are made using a mixture of tobacco, water, salt and some kind of moisture preserving substance. Flavorings are added afterwards to give the different kinds of snus their different tastes. You’ll find various kinds of snus in our online store, whether it’s mint, clove or even cranberry!

Sweden has long been a centre for snus manufacture and consumption and the various snus companies based there have developed special methods for its production – leading to the unique character of Swedish snus. The tobacco is treated with heat to sterilize it and ensure freshness of the final product. Snus complies with the same laws as those for preparation of foodstuffs – as established by the Swedish National Food Agency – guaranteeing the appropriate hygiene standards and the correct levels of added substances.

How to use snus

Most people consume snus by inserting it under their upper lip and then keeping it there. Use period can be as short as a few minutes or as long as several house. New users generally go for shorter usage times. Both loose and pre-portioned varieties of snus are available to buy. If you buy loose snus, then you have to form it into a portion yourself, while pre-portioned (usually called “Portion Snus”) comes in pouches of different sizes that you can put straight into your mouth. The varieties of flavor, strength and portion sizes are very broad!


Using Loose Snus

This snus variety comes in powder form that must be shaped into a portion by the user. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Think about your portion size – how much snus do you want?
  2. Roll the snus into a roll or ball with your fingers. The name for this can be pris, pinch or prilla (a Swedish slang term).
  3. Insert into the space between your upper lip and gum.
  4. Savor the taste and nicotine sensation!

Rolling the snus into portions takes some practice but you have the flexibility to decide on the shape and size for yourself. You can also pack it tighter for a denser and stronger hit. Many users believe that loose snus comes with a stronger taste and scent than pre-portioned snus.

If you can’t get the hang of rolling your portions, you can get tools made by Prismaster and IceTool which will help.


Pre-portioned snus

Despite the advantages of loose snus, portion snus has convenience on its side. You can open your can and take out a ready-made portion with no mess or extra work. Portion snus comes in various flavors and portions sizes. There are also three colors available: white, original and black. Original (also known as brown snus) portions are generally moister than white and black snus. This can be an advantage because the moisture provides a fast flavor release, but can also cause problems with drippage. White and original portion snus varieties are available in abundance in our store at BuySnus.ch. However we only offer General ONXX as a black portion snus at the moment.

Different types of snus


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