About Snus

What is snus?

That’s a great question! There’s a lot of smokeless tobacco products out there, but in our humble opinion there’s only one that reigns supreme. Swedish snus mainly consists of grounded tobacco and comes in many different versions, strenghts and flavors. So how do you make snus? The tobacco leafs used in the snus is carefully selected with flavor and strenght in mind, the leafs are then pasteurized and grounded. To get the right texture some water and salt is needed. When this process is done different flavors and aromas gets added to the mix. Snus complies with the same laws as for foodstuffs – as established by the Swedish National Food Agency – guaranteeing the appropriate hygiene standards and the correct levels of added substances. The final product comes either as loose snus or in prepacked portions. The rest is up to you, just put in under your lip and enjoy.

A crash course in snus history

The early version of snus was first introduced in Sweden as snuff in the 17th century. Snuff was a fine grounded and dry tobacco powder that you sniff with your nose. This metod is where the name snus originates from, the German word for nose ”schanuze” to be precise. It was in the early 19th century when what we today call Swedish snus started to gain popularity. Back then the tobacco leafs was fermented before usage. This lenghty method ( it could take months to complete) was later on replaced with pasteurisation. A process that was both faster and safer, which resulted in fresher snus with less harmful subtances. Some classic brands from that period is still popular and used today, such as EttanRöda Lacket and Göteborgs Prima Fint.

The next big step in the evolution of snus came in the 70’s and the introduction of portion snus and Tre Ankare. The prepacked portions offered a more discreet and easier way to enjoy snus. Just put the portion under your upper lip and you’re ready to go!

Loose snus

This is how Swedish snus originally was made. Loose snus consist of a moist blend of grounded tobacco mixed with a bit of water and salt. The snus is then later seasoned, usally with a combination of dried fruits, herbs and different kinds of citrus fruits to give the snus a distinct and full bodied character.

How to use loose snus

How to use loose snus in 3 easy steps:

1. Open the can and take a pinch of the loose snus (after your own liking) between your thumb and index finger.

2. Roll and form the snus with your fingers to little ball (Pro tip: use more snus and pack it compact, more snus= stronger and more flavorsome portions)

3. Put the portion under your upper lip and enjoy!

If you’re worried about getting your fingers dirty or not getting the hang of the technique, try one of Icetool's nifty portioning tools. Easy to use and easy to clean. New to Loose snus? A safe bet is to try one of the Swedish classics like Röda Lacket Loose, General Loose or Ettan Loose.

Portion snus

Portion size

Original portion: Original portions comes with a dark and brown tobacco blend. The portions are humidified for a faster flavor and nicotine release. Original portions are versatile when it comes to both flavors and strenghts. Some fine examples are Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion, Jakobssons Melon Strong Portion and Odens Extreme Double Mint Portion.

White portion: White portions are a bit drier and has a bit milder tobacco character than original portions. White portions dripps less and delivers longlasting flavors. Some prime examples are Catch White Eucalyptus PortionIslay Whisky White Portion and Thunder Frosted Ultra White Portion.

White Dry portion: These kind of portions delivers the same taste and nicotine kick as the other portion but thanks to their dryness they reduces the dripp significantly and delivers truly longlasting flavors. Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Portion and WOW! Summer Honey White Dry Explosion are two of many fantastic snus with these kind of portions.

All White portion: These revolutionary all white portions deliver the same full flavor and nicotine-kick as any other kind of snus but comes with some pretty nifty advantages. The dripp is close to none existing and the white tobacco doesn’t stain your theeth. Check out labels such as EPOK, G.4 or the Super White Snus from Skruf for some awesome all white snus.

Large portion: Want more snus in your portions? Try a large portion snus. These bigger portions are a bit softer than regular ones so they still fits nicely and comfortably under your lip. Kaliber+ and the One-series from Swedish Match got you covered.

Slim portion: Same flavor and nicotine release as their regular sized conterparts but this time in a more discree and slimmer (hence the name) package. Available as original, white and white dry portions. Be sure to check out Generals G.3-line or popular snus like Skruf Slim Fresh White (Extra Strong) Portion or Siberia -80o Slim White Dry Portion.

Super Slim portion: Same deal as the slim portions, but this time even smaller and slimmer. Skruf Super Slim Fresh White and G.3 Super Slim White Strong Portion are just some of the top notch super slim portion snus you can find in our shop.

Mini portion:  It doesn’t get any smaller nor more discreet than this. You wouldn’t barely feel the portion if it wasn’t for the flavor and nicotine. Mocca Mint Mini PortionGöteborgs Rapé White Portion and Catch White Spearmint Mini Portion are some solid options.

Finding the right snus might be tricky considering the almost endless choices available. Luckily you can read about each brand and what they have to offer right here at BuySnus.ch. Learn more by clicking right here!