About us


Just like IKEA, snus is a very typical Swedish thing. Although it may not be as well known as the furniture giant, snus is still an integral part of many people's everyday lives. Snus has belonged to Sweden for centuries and is considered a cultural asset. Why else would the Swedes have insisted on just snus when they joined the EU?

Even though we haven't been around since the snus beginning, we here at Buysnus are proud that we have been able to provide fellow snusers since the 2000s. Our journey began in a cellar somewhere in the tranquil town of Lidköping. Soon it became too narrow in the cellar, because one thing was clear: the world outside Sweden wants snus!

Over the years, our small family has grown steadily and every single one of us works hard every day to deliver your favorite products as easily and quickly as possible. The passion for our work, our products and last but not least for our customers, is what distinguishes us.


Employee number 1
The first employee with personnel number 1 still works for us today and thus belongs to the inventory.

Pizza Thursday
Pizza is ordered every Thursday. Introduced by a small animation, which our IT gurus come up with and which includes sound and light effects. Until now, any escalation due to the weekly choice of the restaurant could fortunately be avoided.

Europe's largest marketplace
Rumour has it that Lidköping has Europe's largest marketplace. In the meantime, some cuts have been made in the geographical classification of this claim, but it still leads to lively discussions again and again.

PingPong and Boule
What started out as an innocent and friendly pastime during the lunch break soon turned into madness and formed several alliances as quickly as it brought them down again. We are on the verge of an escalation, please send help...

We also had a race once….never again

BuySnus (SALT LABS Switzerland AG)
Grabenstrasse 25
CH-6340 Baar, ZG


Account information for bank wire transfers (within Switzerland):

IBAN: CH72 0026 5265 1276 8702 G 
Receiving bank: UBS Switzerland