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Tobacco weight (g):17.3
Shipping Weight (g):36
Flavor Descr:Black Currant, Mint
Nicotine (mg/g):- medium -
Flavor Group:Fresh
Packs CH:1,10,40,120

Skruf Super White Slim Cassice

It's fruity, it's fresh and it's 100% tobacco free! Skruf Super White Slim Cassice by the famous manufacturer Skruf offers a refreshing and tasty experience few can match. These slim and All White nicotine pouches fits comfortably under your lip and delivers a sweetly fruity black currant flavor. A neat benefit of being tobacco free is that the pouches stays white at all times, meaning no potential brown stains on your teeth.

You can now buy the medium strenght and black currant flavored Skruf Super White Slim Cassice in our shop. Always free shipping to Switzerland when you order snus and nicotine pouches online at!

1 Can

7,70 CHF

10 Cans

7,70 CHF

40 Cans

6,57 CHF

120 Cans

5,43 CHF