Brand: NICO


NICO combines Swedish tradition with Swiss precision. The tobacco-free Nicotine Pouches from NICO contain the best nicotine salts and the finest, original Swiss ingredients.

With every single portion you get an unforgettable nicotine kick and extremely fresh taste.

A tobacco free snus made in Sweden and perfected with the finest Swiss ingredients, for an incomparable nicotine experience.

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    Nico Design Can – A white and sleek aluminum can from Nico that allows you store your portions in a stylish and safe way! 

    1 Metal Can

    35,00 CHF

    These tobacco free nicotine pouches are some of the strongest available on the market! NICO Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong All White delivers an instant and ice-cold burst of Swiss menthol and peppermint together with an intense nicotine kick (12 mg/portion).

    1 Can

    6,99 CHF

    10 + 2 Cans

    6,29 CHF

    40 + 8 Cans

    6,12 CHF

    120 + 24 Cans

    5,59 CHF

    NICO Whip Alpine Mint  Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches deliver a stimulating and incredibly refreshing experience in a discreet way. Its slim and all white portions deliver strong nicotine kicks (8 mg/portion) together with a minty menthol-eucalyptus flavor!

    1 Can

    6,79 CHF

    10 + 2 Cans

    6,11 CHF

    40 + 8 Cans

    5,94 CHF

    120 + 24 Cans

    5,43 CHF

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