Brand: Shiro


"With Shiro’s pouches

Tobacco free and all white

You’ll feel a fresh rush of flavor"

That was a poorly attempted haiku about Shiro. Why even make one you might wonder? Well, Shiro is the Japanese word for white. A fitting name for these nicotine pouches. They’re all white, tobacco free and they deliver refreshing flavors enhanced by stimulating nicotine kicks. This satisfying release of flavor and nicotine hits you immediately and keeps on coming for a long time thanks to Shiro’s innovative design. The manufacturer AG Snus has replaced the tobacco with a high quality blend of natural cellulose fibers. This choice of filling ensures that the pouches stays white at all times and that they won’t stain your teeth. This all white character also makes them a bit drier than regular snus portions which in turn minimizes the drip. These great qualites makes Shiro wonderfully discreet and comfortable to enjoy.

So if you’re hankering for something fresh and flavorful, just pop one of Shiro’s slim nicotine pouches under your lip and ,buckle up and get ready for an refreshing ride

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