Brand: Chainsaw

No need to get a lumberjack shirt today, when having Chainsaw Snus with you. The same feeling of power, strength and freshness, we promise:
The Chainsaw Cold Dry White Snus tastes mint and the white dry portions offer long lasting taste. 22 mg/g nicotine have to be added to the pleasure, do not forget this. The manufacturer V2, that also produces Offroad and Thunder, introduced succesfully Chainsaw, first developed for the Eu-market, to all the heroes of the woods and cities all over the world.

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    Chainsaw Cold White Dry is a fresh mint snus packed with nicotine. This Swedish snus comes from Swedish Match, the manufacturer of the famous Thunder snus.

    1 Can

    5,60 CHF

    10 Cans

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    40 Cans

    3,85 CHF

    120 Cans

    3,15 CHF

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