Brand: G.4 All White Snus

G.4 All White Snus

G.4 is the latest and whitest series of snus from General yet! It’s All White, packed with refreshing flavors and energetic nicotine-kicks.

In order to make the portions All White the manufacturer Swedish Match had to come up with some neat and innovative adjustments to their production process. The carefully selected tobacco is used in a smaller volume than in regular snus. To fill out the portion natural cellulose fibers is added together with fresh flavors and some extra nicotine. Same full and rich General sensation as before but now in a whiter and fresher package. This All White character comes with some nifty and cool andvantages. They drip significantly less, doesn’t stain your teeth and provides a more discreet and comfortable experience.

Combine all of these great qualites with the slim size of the portions and what you get is something truly extra. G.4 delivers longlasting and refreshing flavors together with powerful and energetic nicotine-kicks!

We have them all, including the exceptionally refreshing G.4 CRYO Slim All White Super Strong. Always fresh in stock and always free shipping to Switzerland when you order online from us at

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    G.4 CRYO is extremely fresh peppermint and ultra strong all white snus. This one won't leave you cold.

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