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Kapten snus – Snus from Denmark?

Although Snus is typically a Swedish product, even the neighboring country of Denmark boasts a few well-known producers. Kapten is made by AG Snus, which in turn is owned by the long-established Assens Tobaksfabrik which has been in operation for more than 150 years and brings 5 generations of knowledge to the snus-making business.

The return of Danish snus came about in 2008, when AG Snus started releasing new brands. Since then, their successes have included Crafted Snus, Hop(e) and Glory and the very popular Kapten label which is now their flagship brand.

Captains of their fate

The Kapten brand has a traditional tobacco character with subtle citrus and bergamot notes. The underlying hint of licorice also adds depth and interest. Aside from the classic flavors based on just tobacco, Kapten is also available in interesting varieties flavored with mint, melon and licorice!

Blending innovation and tradition

The goal of AG Snus is to help the development of the global smokeless tobacco market by blending the innovative thinking harnessed in the development of the AG Snus brands with the knowledge and tradition that they receive from their parent company Assens Tobaksfabrik. Each can of Kapten truly reflects this devotion to both tradition and innovation, and is definitely obvious in the flavor!

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    Kapten snus is a star label from the famous AG Snus company. This White, Melon version has already won fans around the globe. Extra Strong White snus in normal sized portions.

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