Brand: Epok Snus

Epok Snus

Epok snus – Innovative snus from Sweden

Epok revolutionized the snus market. The revolution of white tobacco is brought about through a complex and patented refinement process that is nevertheless environmentally friendly. Brown tobacco is purified to eliminate both the color and other unwanted components, including heavy metals and nitrates. Epok snus is entirely based on white tobacco, and is completely white before use as well as after. It is one of the most discreet tobaccos that provides a normal feeling, taste and smell. However Epok has the unique advantage of being non-runny and will not stain your teeth.

Epok flavors

The flavors available under the Epok label include such innovations as melon, lime, blueberry, licorice and mint! You can also choose between portion sizes for a normal or an extra slim version. Although Epok was originally available only in normal strength portions, a popular strong version has since been released, featuring the refreshing taste of Ice Cool Mint.

How Epok snus is produced

1. Epok employees select brown tobacco for production

2. Purification begins. It is a water-based process whereby unwanted substances are removed and is environmentally friendly.

3. The resulting white tobacco is used to make snus, and flavorings are added.

4. The final product is divided into portions and packed into cans before being sent for shipping to warehouses around the globe – including the one owned by!

Which Epok flavor do you love?

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