Brand: Knox


Looking for a tasty snus that gives you more bang for your buck? Try Knox! Knox is the result of the expertise and knowledge of the people over at Skruf AB combined with Swedish snus traditions. The humified original and white portions delivers a quick and longlasting flavor release of well-rounded tobacco complemented with hints of citrus.

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    Knox Blue Slim White - the wonderful blend of mellow tobacco with lavender and citrus notes - here available in slim, white portions. A normal strength snus that is perfect for enjoying out of doors.

    1 Can

    7,88 CHF

    10 Cans

    6,65 CHF

    30 Cans

    5,43 CHF

    60 Cans

    4,99 CHF

    Enjoy the taste of Knox - a lower priced snus that is nevertheless highly popular in Sweden thanks to its unbeatable quality and great citrus-enhanced taste. Try these normal strength white portions today.

    1 Can

    8,14 CHF

    10 Cans

    6,92 CHF

    40 Cans

    5,60 CHF

    120 Cans

    4,64 CHF

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