Brand: Offroad


Offroad by V2 Tobacco (the manufacturer behind popular snus like Thunder and Chainsaw) is a great snus for a great price. The selection of snus from Offroad is big and varied. Original portions, white portions and mini portions in many different flavors including melon, mint and licorice. There's an offroad snus for every taste and preference.

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    Dry, White portions enhance the release of the mint and menthol flavor in this Offroad Arctic Xplorer White Dry snus. An amazingly high 45mg/g nicotine content. Not to be attempted by new users.

    1 Can

    5,86 CHF

    10 Cans

    4,90 CHF

    40 Cans

    4,02 CHF

    120 Cans

    3,32 CHF

    Offroad Snus is available here in a frosted variety that brings normal strength portions together with the distinctive spearmint flavor of frosted snus. Don't miss this hit from V2 Tobacco! It's really something to savor.

    1 Can

    5,51 CHF

    10 Cans

    4,64 CHF

    30 Cans

    3,76 CHF

    60 Cans

    3,50 CHF

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