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Kronan snus – the story behind the name

What’s in a name? The name: Kronan might sound familiar, and if so it’s probably because you’ve heard about the Swedish Krona, which is the name of the Swedish currency. A Krona is also the Swedish word for a crown. Kronan snus projects an image of good value for money, or perhaps you prefer to call it “affordable luxury”.

A contemporary snus with a traditional flavor

Kronan was created in a time where fast computers and wireless broadband were already widely available commodities – meaning that it is a very modern snus indeed. To be more specific, the brand was launched in 2005 when Swedish Match brought one of their older recipes back from the dead. It was a response to a move by the Swedish government to raise the level of what were already the world’s highest taxes. Of course, Swedish Match could not do anything to influence the tax levels, so instead they chose to make a snus variety as cheaply as possible while still making it into a good product. Kronan is therefore designed to be a high quality but ultimately affordable snus label. The Swedish currency – the Krona – is worth around 10-15 cents depending on current exchange rates. Of course, the snus itself costs more to purchase than a single Krona, but the idea of affordability is central to its conception.

Just the bare essentials

Keep your life simple. You shouldn’t worry too much about climbing the career ladder or about buying stuff to raise your status, right? If you hold to that sentiment, then Kronan is a snus that will appeal to your worldview. You can be certain that the Swedish Match company never compromises on quality, so products made by them are always top notch. They have made Kronan cheaper by cutting out the non-essentials, such as the fancy blend of tobacco, the specially designed packaging and so on. The necessary measures are taken to cut costs and ensure that the Kronan product can be brought to you for a reasonable price that more people can afford. They have succeeded in getting the balance here just right. So much so that quite a few of their rivals are jealous…

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    If you love a dark tobacco with a distinctive flower and herb flavor, then Kronan Original Portion Snus may be the snus for you. Another great hit by Swedish Match, with moistened portions that release fast.

    1 Can

    5,95 CHF

    10 Cans

    4,99 CHF

    40 Cans

    4,11 CHF

    120 Cans

    3,32 CHF

    The popular Kronan Snus from Swedish Match is another classic. Experience the dark tobacco flavor laced with hints of aromatic violet and citrus. This quality snus is truly one to be savored.

    1 Can

    6,13 CHF

    10 Cans

    5,16 CHF

    40 Cans

    4,20 CHF

    120 Cans

    3,50 CHF

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