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24K – Snus filled to the brim with nicotine

24K is a brand of snus designed with you who loves the stimulating feeling of an intense nicotine kick in mind, and its flavors stands out as well. 24K is produced by AM Swedish, a manufacturer with 25 years of experience in the snus game under its belt. This expertise has been put to good use. 24K uses carefully selected tobacco, its portions are comfortable and discreet while their release of nicotine and flavor are both long lasting and instantaneous.

The flavors of 24K

There is a little something for everyone. If you’re a fan of classic and timeless snus flavors then 24K Raw got your back. It delivers ultra strong nicotine kicks (29 mg/g) together with a spicy tobacco flavor complemented by fresh hints of bergamot. 24K Diabas on the other hand has something special in store for all the licorice lovers out there. It delivers powerful nicotine kicks (29 mg/g) together with a flavor of anise topped with subtle hints of herbs and dried grass over a well-rounded and spicy tobacco base. If you’re craving something that really packs a punch, let’s say one of the strongest kicks available on the market, then 24K Crystal is the snus for you. It delivers extremely strong nicotine kicks (45 mg/g) together with a sweet and cool spearmint flavor over its somewhat spicy tobacco blend.

24K, snus that know the importance of an intense release of nicotine, the longevity of flavors and that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Down below you can read more about individual 24K snus. And remember, you’ll always get free shipping to Switzerland when you order snus or nicotine pouches from us online at

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    24K Crystal is a portion snus brimming with stimulating nicotine (45 mg/g). It delivers ultra-strong kicks and a light yet fresh spearmint flavor over a spicy tobacco base. Its white portions fit nicely under the lip and their dry surfaces minimizes the drip.

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