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YOYO – Fresh flavors with an urban vibe

YOYO by the manufacturer Nordic Noir is a tobacco free brand of all white nicotine pouches that treats you to flavorsome experiences inspired by some of the most iconic cities in the world. A focus on innovation, experimentation and energy has given YOYO a clear and unmistakable urban vibe and feel. Its slim portions have been expertly designed to fit comfortably under your lip and to deliver an instant and long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

Taste the world with YOYO

YOYO’s flavor selection offers something new, fresh and exciting. Its flavors takes you on a flavor journey around the world and it has something special in store for almost every taste and preference. The first stop on YOYO’s globetrotting journey is New York. The big apple, the city that never sleeps and the city with more landmarks than you can count; The statue of liberty, the Empire State Building, central park and the list goes on for miles. A megacity that is famous for its high-energy, will to innovative and its fusion of many different cultures. It’s this kind of positive and refreshing energy that has inspired the development of YOYO New York Mint. It delivers a fresh burst of mint that leaves a nice cooling sensation under your lip together with a strong and powerful nicotine kick (15 mg/g). If you’re looking for something with a summer feel and a fruity flavor profile, then YOYO London Lime Strawberry might just be your cup of tea. As the name suggest it takes inspiration from the English capital. A city that is packed with history and culture. The specific part of London’s heritage that these nicotine pouches have been influenced by is the city during summer times and a flavor that is heavily associated with a certain tennis tournament played on grass. It delivers a solid nicotine kick (12 mg/g) together with a fruity flavor of strawberries topped with a touch of lime and subtle undertones of mint for an extra touch of freshness. Last but not in anyway the least there’s YOYO Havana Mojito. Its flavor draws inspiration from the warm and sunny Caribbean and the island of Cuba where the famous and incredibly popular Mojito cocktail hails from. These medium strong (9 mg nicotine/g) nicotine pouches treat you to a fresh and summery flavor that combines mint with a tasty dash of lime.

Discreet and comfortable to enjoy

The two main things that make YOYO’s nicotine pouches so incredibly discreet to enjoy is their comfortable slim size and their innovative choice of filling. Their high-quality and all white filling consists of natural plant fibers which ensures that they won’t stain while it also reduces the drip to almost a minimum. This incredibly low amount of drip makes in turn sure that the pouches’ instantaneous release of both flavor and nicotine last for a satisfyingly long time.

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    The tobacco free YOYO Stockholm Licorice Mint by Nordic Noir delivers a fresh flavor of mint topped with licorice together with a stimulating and powerful nicotine kick (10 mg/portion).

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